MS-DOS version released!

The MS-DOS version is finally here. You may encounter some bugs, as it was the case with the Windows Version. Be sure to mail me when you find some unusual behavior.
It runs fine with DOSBox, PCem and on my 486DX machine. It only runs on 486DX machines or better. A 486DX2/66 is recommended for fast gameplay.
You will need at least 449 kB lower DOS memory and 1,4 MB XMS or EMS memory free.
Sound is still missing. I want to implement a MIDI player but I did not find anything that would run out of the box with a DOS Extender. If you know some open source code, feel free to write me a mail.
Documentation is found in the HTML folder.
Savegames aren't compatible with the Windows version.


Gates Of Integrity - MSDOS version 2 MB
Jul 24, 2022

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Is great that this has a DOS version.