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"Be assured this no virus, trojan horse, spyware or anything similar."

That's exactly what a virus/trojan-horse/spyware would say!

Also does anyone have any suggestions for a game like this that is very easy? I like the style of these games, but I'm a bit of a noob lol.

Hey there,

Sent you an email last week regarding custom character portraits. Hope everything's alright.

Oh my, there seems to be an issue with the e-mail. Could you please resend the mail to
Thank you! :-)

Just sent an email to the "info" address. Have you received it?

Just got the tool, thanks a lot! I'm going to work on the new portraits over the weekend...

Just discovered this gem... where has it been all my adult life?? I played the crap out of the BT series when I was a kid. Thanks for making this! 

BtW, is there a way to import my own character portraits into the game for my characters? I can't seem to find a way to edit the CDG files, at least GIMP doesn't seem have a CDG plugin for it.


thank you for playing!
There is a way, but only with a command line conversion tool I wrote. Send me an e-mail to if you are ready for a little renaming and command line tinkering :-)
Importing character pics is a nice idea for the planned follow-up game, wrote that on my list.

the CHM file doesn't seem to work?  It loads but no content is displayed.
Does the documentation exist in another form?


Here's the help file as HTML:
Thank you for playing!

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In the meantime I did some more digging and found this  weird fact:

I didn't have this checkbox so i moved it off the NAS drive to my SSD and .. boom the content appeared.  What a travesty windows tooling is.  Don't tell the user anything, just show a blank page "for security". 

Great game very true to the old school dungeon crawlers. Controls are very intuitive. I look forward to playing it more. The fact that there is a DOS version is even better.

Anyone tried this on Steam deck with Proton?  I would LOVE to play it on there.

Nice callback to a classic.  Thank you for putting this out! 

If anyone else is having the eternal "*.dll file is missing" issue running it under Windows and fiddling with C+ Runtime versions doesn't resolve it for you, the DOS version spins up in the current version of DosBox (0.74-3)

Posted here! Thanks for creating the game and releasing a DOS port! :D

Thank you for posting it on your site. Bookmarked it - there are a lot of gems I don't know yet. :-) 

An original MS DOS release in 2022, this is really cool!

About halfway through (I think?) and Really enjoying your game! Brings back great memories of playing BT 1&2, Wizardry I, Ultima II & III, Devil Whiskey and a few other small ones.

You've done a fantastic job all around! Gameplay, graphics, overall theme & dungeon layouts, spells/magic system, monsters, music..all of it. I've tried making a similar game and even with others helping with coding, it was too difficult. So I appreciate all the talented work you've put into this! And haven't had any crashes! (playing latest v1.22)

If okay, I'd like to email you to discuss a few things? Looks like you've provided contact info below in the comments.

Quick question: it seems my 2 warriors (Fighter & Paladin) are still doing the same damage even tho they both now have multiple swings per turn.. even 4 'hits' produces same general damage as back when they each could only swing once..? They've both max'd out on STR (i.e, 20).

Thank you very much! It was a blast programming this game. It required a lot of planning, especially the intertwine of spells, items, stats and monsters.
I just quick-checked the multiple swings issue, it seems to be fines for my savegames. Number of hits as well as damage per hit is going up for Paladins and Warriors. It depends a bit on the weapon though. If you want, you can send me your savegame(s) and I'll have a look into it.
Be free to email me at :-)

Great game!  Beautifully done niche game!

Question: is there anything after defeating Thargorim?

Thank you! :-)
No, there is no more to do after defeating Thargorim. the NEXT game?!?!   :-)

Just played and enjoyed this and donated!  It really brought me back to my BT playing days in the 80's! I have some feedback if you are still interested.  Let me know.  E-mail may be better because it may be a bit long for a comment.

Thank you for playing and donating! I am still interested in any feedback. You may send it to

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Hey mate. I really like this game, but there is one issue. The Help document only shows categories, and no actual text. I was hoping to do some research before really starting, but nothing is showing up for me.


What version of Windows are you using?
I uploaded the documentation here, this should be working:

Spells are listed here:

Thank you mate! This is perfect!  I use windows 10.

You're welcome! I hope you have some fun with Gates Of Integrity. :-)

Klasse Spiel, gerne mehr davon! Ich betreibe übrigens einen eigenen deutschsprachigen Discord-Kanal für Adventures, Rollenspiele und weitere Retrospiele und -Computer/Konsolen sowie Elektronikbasteleien. Hier mal der Invite-Link:

Wer schon bei Discord ist, kann diesen Link benutzen:

Man liest sich hoffentlich! :-)

Excellent old school turn based rpg!
Thank you!

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Tried this out after Fishdog Games shared it on FB. Having a blast! I got pretty lost on the 2nd floor the dungeon last night, and almost just reloaded before I set out.  Came back in the morning, and found my way again. So glad I didn't rage!

Of course, some ease of use improvements would be great, like being able to swap which characters inventory you are looking at without having to exit all the way out.  But fun none the less!

The set pixel size is a little challenging on my Surface Go. I have to hide my taskbar, or I don't see the full height of the screen.

Thank you, Bhelogan!
I looked into the code and implemented your suggestion. You may now switch characters in the char info and inventory screens.
Version 1.01 is released just now. :-)

Enjoying this a lot, and appreciate the update. I noticed in the help file it indicates that Rogues can hide in combat. But, in practice, Monks seem to be the ones who get that ability. Is that intentional?

Thank you, once again. It was a single letter typo in the source code. To prevent spoiling saved games in progress I decided to release v1.03 with both Monks and Rogues being able to hide in shadows.

Any hints on figuring out the number for the 3rd floor in the Gate of Diligence?

Nice progress, Bhelogan! :-)
The numbers to add are hidden in levels 1 to 3. Some are hidden in a very physical sense. Study the spell list. ;-)
Some are so obvious that automap will help you.

Thank you! this is a nice game. Is possible play in fullscreen? I don't like play in a window. 

Thank you, frikiloko!
Unfortunately, this game only runs in windowed mode.

If you want to try it - v1.2 now supports fullscreen mode. :-)

Thank you for sharing! I just joined the rpg group! :-)

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Thanks for the hard work in making this gem, hope you dont mind but i shared this game with our rpg facebook group. heres the link to our group if you want to see what people think about your game.